There is no biggest love on earth than parents love,
They love you from the bigining till the end.
They love you till you still were in your mother's womb,
They took care of you and waited patiently to have you.
So now that you have grown say thanks to God,
And thanks Him to have raised you through your parents.
No matter how they treated you and how they raised you,
Still they need to be loved and to be looked after.
Talk to them sweetly and be patient with them,
Remember raising you wasn't a easy task.
Love your parents more than everything on earth,
You would not be in this human body if they did not give you birth.
So denying your parents is like loosing reason,
Who ever you may become in life you will only have them as your parents.
The woman and the man who gave birth to the nice child that you are,
The nice teenager that you are,
The adult that you have become.