Bill them for having a roof over their heads

Bill them at the fuel station,
And bill them for sending a text message.
Bill them for being newly wedded,
And bill them because they didn't blink an eye correctly.
Bill them man from Sugoi bill them.
I mean bill them for cheering a football team at the stadium.

Have you billed them for using the pedestrian crosswalk already;
No potential tax opportunities must escape your attention old boy.
They trade out carbon dioxide for clean air and you have never taxed them already?
Bill them for gazing at the sunset,
Bill them for listening to a favourite song.

Institute new tax laws man and bill them for using their bedroom.
Bill them because they heard a neighbour fart for instance!
Bill them for sneezing loudly,
And bill them because their lastborn dreamt in her sleep.
Bill them because they think too deeply,
Bill them for high-fiving a friend over the fence.
Bill them because they might have touched some private part in the shower:
It is billing time man from Sugoi TAX them.

Did you bill them for craving a second scoop of ice cream already
Did you bill them for placing a mail at the post box using the left hand
Didn't you notice him walking barefoot in the soft grass in his yard
Did you bill him for wishing upon a shooting star.

Bill them because their wives had a miscarriage
Bill them because their pet gave birth to a lousy lame newborn
Bill them, bill them, and bill them.
Bill them for burrying their young one in a cheap coffin
And bill them because someday they might just die