See I blame her not, sorry t'was within my fate,
Sited here with her note, two years till todate,
She didn't hurt my spot, this fault wasn't her wait,
For mine was the float, hooked around girls with trait,
Until she saw me in a coat, she didn't buy for a date,
Saw her last with a smile, that's always been her state.

Written in me was lust, hers was in scars,
My flute spat full crust, yet she needed guitars,
Covered with lyrical just, better heard dawn at afars,
For I know she's adjust, the traumas I gave in spars,
Still I know she's an angel, held in the palm of stars.

Even after today's full moon, am glad you're my girl,
Am still here drunk in tune, with regrets to this hurl,
Wonder if am a goon, or just a victim full of silly whirl,
Am sorry for a selfish spoon, I'll wish to be your pal,
Forgive my mischief, but blame me for not being real.