In Kashmir's November, a season so divine,
Nature paints a masterpiece, a sight so fine.
Mountains stand tall, covered in snowy attire,
As the land becomes a canvas, filled with desire.

The Dal Lake shimmers with a golden hue,
Reflecting the beauty, creating a view.
Houseboats glide gently, afloat on the water,
In November's embrace, serenity they offer.

Chinar trees sway, adorned in fiery red,
Leaves gently falling, like tears that are shed.
Their branches reach out, embracing the sky,
Whispering tales of the land, as time passes by.

The saffron fields bloom, a golden treasure,
Filling the air with a scent beyond measure.
Threads of saffron, woven with care,
Symbolizing a culture, rich and rare.

The aroma of Kahwa, a warm delight,
Spices and saffron, a flavorful bite.
Sipping the tea, as the cold wind blows,
November's warmth, through every sip it shows.

The snow-capped peaks, a majestic sight,
Glistening in the sun, pure and bright.
Adventure awaits, for those who dare,
November's playground, a thrill to share.

The warmth of a Kangri, a comforting embrace,
A traditional heat, in this chilly space.
Wrapped in a pheran, against the cold,
November in Kashmir, a story to be told.