Written by SAMAL

I just wonder, who is loving you???
Coz I remember, when I had you.
You treated me so bad.
At first I thought you were the best I've ever had.
Only to find out that you were just a fad.
Loving you was so hard

I promised to love you till death.
But now I hate you till I take my last faint breath.
You took my love for granted, why???
You hurt my feelings, why???

When we broke up, my heart once dissolved in pain.
I even cried for us to love each other again.
But what we had is now a mystery.
You are now nothing but history.

Although you are still alive, to me you are dead.
And that doesn't even make me scared.
I've found the one now
When I first met her, I was like wow!!!
Am I dreaming???
Is she worth of my loving???
She treats me better than you did.
I'm in love indeed.
She ain't a liar nor a cheat.
She is my heartbeat.

I'll love her till the end of time.
This ain't a poem nor a rhyme.
It's just an expression of how much I feel for her.
My heart only beats for her.
I'm never ever gonna miss you.
Coz am definitely being loved by someone better than you.

To sum up our relationship, DONE AND DUSTED.
You are a worthless bustard.
You are the one I definitely don't miss.
Just go and leave me in peace.
Please just die.