You just left.
Never cared how I felt.
Never said goodbye.
You don't even bother saying hie.

Via text, facebook or App.
I'm trying to find you but I don't have a map.
You never told me where you were going.
I don't know maybe I was annoying.

But one thing that I know is.
You really taught me what life is.
I'll forever cherish the times I spent with you.
I curse the day I lost you.

A lot has happened since you left.
I became inept.
That bitch I called my wife to be broke my heart.
I had noone to help me nurse my heart.

I'm writing this piece with a bleeding heart.
When you were here everything was intact.
Brother please come back.
I really need you back.

I can't sleep at night, our memories haunt me.
Sometimes I would offend you, but you were never mad at me.
I remember the crazy nights we spent together drinking booze.
Roaming the streets during the day, looking for ladies to love and some to use.

You are greatly missed brother.
No man has ever had a better brother.
Never forget who you are.
I just wish you all the best wherever you are.

(Dedicated to Bekithemba 'Dadza' Sibanda)
I miss you brother