His soul was so tired.
He felt broken and alone.
So much had transpired.
He had fallen from his throne.

He was lost and afraid.
Not sure to go from where he was.
Dues had not been paid.
Done living in fear,he was.

He broke free from the chains.
That had held him in place.
He took hold of the reigns.
Stared his demons in the face.

Its time, my king.
For you and victory to be best friends.
His soul whispered, "you are done begging."
"Its time to be strong and make amends."

My time has come, I won't fall.
Let me rise up and fight.
I'm done playing small.
Fearlessness is my birthright.

He grabbed his broken crown.
Placed it back on his head.
He was done feeling down.
His soul had been fed.

With people, experiences and things.
That had served him well.
Rejoicing in what true connection brings.
Toxicity can go to hell.