Pointing a gun to my head.
In a couple of minutes I might be dead.
I'm now the Grimm ripper's most wanted
I just wanna squeeze this bullet straight through my head

They say life is a series of moments.
But long I've waited to enjoy favorable moments.
I can't sleep at night, struggle taunts me.
Dreams of brighter days haunt me.

I envy others living lavishly.
Whilst they look at me scornfully.
They call me a looser, but I'm a dreamer.
Lack of opportunities made my chances of succeeding slimmer.

Oh Lord hear my cry!!!
I've suffered enough, I won't lie.
I once envisioned myself flying so high.
The way an eagle soars in the sky.

Oh God!!! what's there for me.
The world is stabbing me.
I can't retaliate, I'm powerless.
Let me just die in my nothingness.