I think, there is someone for my entire life,
Who will care, support and love me .
Without any reason, she will love me;
wiping away my tears, standing by side.

That may be incredible for her,
For me it is an adorable moment.
Then she can know about me;
hearing my heartbeats with her ears.

Someone waiting, to understand my hidden feelings,
Having many sentiments and untold stories
If she is ashamed of, I will be present swiftly
As my heart is a philosopher to get her quietness.

There’s someone , holding the rope of my intimacy,
As her life will be with my emotions and affection.
There’s someone who can feel my eyes’ feelings;
And will tell me, “your eyes are charming”.

There’s someone, going crazy, staring at my smile
And will tell me, “magic in your smile”.
Seeing her entire life in my eyes and smile,
I’ll keep her embracing in my lap forever.