Life has been unfair
Positivity hard to hold
Negatively enslaving us
Holding onto yesterday
Not an option, a must
With all the memories
I loss control of myself
I have to shed tears
But I got to be strong

Life is bittersweet
Life always lukewarm
Never hot forever
Neither ice cool always
Life's truth deeply hidden
And lies exposed all over
Someone you love,
Never says goodbye
But why did you leave me

Life is a treasure,
I will always cherish you
In your absencier,
I'll treat your children
As if they were my own
The love I had for you,
Multiplied in your children

You are irreplaceable
No love can surpass yours
I say we'll meet again
In deep sorrow I cry,
To ease pain of not seeing you
But in my heart you're alive
In my soul, you left a scar
You are still with me
I see you in my closed eyes