The Truth is not here now
And the circles of the world arch
The eyes of devil don't have brows
And the truth will not permit
So life must be a vow

The truth is like a husk
We use it at dusk
To help us in woes
And to give us sight
And the champion
Has to do a flight
Just in height
And for furling everything with musk
Without anything bad reining us to ignite
To have a glimpse of holy site
And to evolve a white kite

When you want to eat from knowledge's tree
Do you want to kill three?
Or don’t do that to be free

When orders are thrown by fate's fan
Truth will never be as Man
And we will forget many things as we can

Welfare is good to live it everyday
But we'll be lost if we don’t tread along the way
And we mustn’t look for the lovely fay
Because it's nothing like hay
And fate comes quicker than jay
To take us to the end and makes us pay
Pay because of something bad we had to say
That's hurting someone will take our display

If life is just a game
Players won't have any name

If you have all of the gold
Can you delete everything which is malicious that have been told?
And return kingdoms without the rot
And to contain death's cold

I don’t know what we will see next
And what we have to read on text

If everything makes you sad
Did you think you were mad?
No but the world is bad
Did you think the truth was yours to had

Every flambeau has died
The darkness eats all of jauntiness
Everyone knows it's true
But no one can know what is the truth

The illusion overlapped around us
We don't know what awards and what thieves
For it we don’t believe what we see
We must fix this matter for it to not be long
Knowing that when we look to the sky we see scintilla
That makes the devil who is a liar reflects the fake facts on shallow

If you come back to the past
You will see the destruction
That eats this word because of the chaos

The future isn’t a deceit
It's track for all and it won't peak

We don't take off the mask
We don't show the real face
Day by day we change the mask
And we will stay in this case

When lies win and kill the truth
They give us beer and a poisoned juice

When verity is cut by lies' axe
Everything in the world will be lax
And we'll have to obey a tax
The tax of every guilt we've confessed, to gasp away from sore wax
And return to make everything right max

If the truth is it will perish
We'll claim it the greatest to cherish

We irritate and boil
Like the water in oil
Like the gone in soil
Waiting for the birth
Of the dry gone earth
The marginalized thoughts
Which must not be lost
Must be written in a post
Must be read by all
Mustn't curve or coil

Shed blood now everywhere
Truth is there's no judgment
Plaints stay in a nightmare
And still wailing, as if we care
We think they've sunk à la mer

I'm awaiting to see
If life can be
As I wished and to let me
Think and sink and sing in amity
While they are all sulking
I'm waiting to not be let down

When angels plummet while they entreat
When life becomes dry like deserts
And we just don't concern, want to juggle
We will despise that event..
The event of the last hymn