Life trapped in cell
Knife misused to quell
Strife returned and befell
Wife yearns for harebell

Rain makes the world scowl
So it went and made the realm barren
And the only thing you can do is to yowl
And try to take life's cowl
Or see yourself in death's gown
Now everyone wishes to drown
But he doesn't know he is stupid like a clown
Because he will peter beside owls

But when I watched it was high
I know nothing must die
For it we have to fly
And hold the sky
To make it cry
That is to return life
And kill everything that is a lie
So we can only try

We must be like rain
Where it falls it builds its reign

We must protect the winter
To make the spring enter
And throw a party in the center
Dispel everyone known as a hunter

We tear it, we break it, we kill it
But it comes back
We burn it, we shatter it, we throw it
But it comes and it's black

A lonely rose
In a narrow high crate
She counts while she suffers
She counts her mates

While it all vanished in the vapor
And disappeared in the craft

Rain hasn't stopped
And warmness hasn't extended
What does he want?
Does he want to give us vigor?
Or wants to put us downwards
Now the clouds hide the face of the firmament
Why doesn't it stop that!
Are we the reason, or it's something upwards
No one worry, they want rest, thus have sat

He has shattered his mirrors everywhere
And made us see the reflection
But no one looked at them
His mirrors weren't pure or clear

Sky had to cry
Stream puddles
Those that die

When sky doesn't win
Its rain goes between the shinning
To make a beautiful painting
To make her not be abolished

Through the sound of the river
In the beautiful nature
It is carried by birds
And coming to us calmly
Letting us forget the pain
Teaching us not to bawl
Know we've not been born
To get hurt and then go out

When I rewatched it was high
I knew I was wrong and everything will die
For that we have to try
To save ourselves before we're lost in lies
And you must believe sky will rain
Then flowers will bloom and butterflies will fly