The strings play with two
The sky is no longer blue
The fate will not ask you
And death gets closer too
If he gets to you what will you do

If you see a little heat
Can you use it to live on concrete?
Or will fright be over your feet
If your soul flows with a fleet
Can you catch it by your bleat?
Or everything will be gone from your sheet

Everything is musty
And your life is mildewing
Do you want to greet?
Or stay in bleakness
Without being bold
To return and pleat
Everything is polled

Rain of blood has left the cosmos
But he has made the loss
And he has tried to make the sun toss
And make devil the boss

The future ended
And the past changed
And all memories with life have dispersed
Thus everything has died

You bowled?
You controlled?
Do you want to gripe?
Do you want to fold?
Did you say life is ancient?
No it's not old it's just holed
And it will be foretold

You have to see
You have to be
You have to pick up the key

Nobody will know
The end will start low
And everyone will say hello
And ask to owe

If we didn’t see the throe
We will not see the glow
If we didn’t feel frost
We will not feel warm and hot
If we didn’t get in jail
We will not be happy for freedom's smell
If we didn’t know despair
We will not meet hope too

The world is hung by darkness
No one can go to anywhere in brightness
We have hung in the time of glumness
We can't stand again because we ate the plum
But we will go from this time
And think he went and won't be back because it's just a mirage
But he will be back with a very big ranting
Although he is dark but he gives the world a light

The madness makes us lose our brains
And we wanted to say the true thing.. ago

You must be fast, the evil gets near you
Don’t make it cut the future because you will be stabbed
And go back to that time
Everything in books will be finished

The darkness of the world will end because of life
I will never be glum I will skip this strife

If sun is fated to reach everywhere
We would not be fated to cry
If night immortalized the nightmare
We would not be fated to cheer

Gravity drops us
We want to be towering
But it's a big power and unknown
Though it will be incapable if we counter

The sound of life mosey skyward
But listeners will know it's a ruse
And you can't earn dues
Because you will snooze
Even you refused
Like everyone who had to choose

There are many roses in the parks
Where it's barren and dirty
They wanted to appear and show their abilities
Making everyone smell their perfume
But they didn't have the chance
So they've withered
And there are many thorns in the beautiful field
They don't have odour
They had been born just to harm
And it takes a lot of time.. to make them disappear

Circle of death
Circle of life
And other thing only possesses

I want to be
I want to see
I want to hold the key
But the world's sinking in the sea
As it's all turning against me
And the world's cutting every tree
And there is nobody free

Everything is shattered around
Illusions became the king of worth
And the lord of dearth
When life shriek alone with no one who recks
And everybody is busy to check
And they are looking for the harmony with their flares