When death drops in
When a hankering comes back
When the fright comes in
When you have to buy it back

Day by day we will learn
We mustn’t look for others by weeps
Because they will go and won't return
And we will be hurt

When you see yourself in the wrong packet
Don’t put anybody in your place
Because that is what we learn in the good books
Because you will see your fault face to face

The other next world that is what we wait
But someone doesn't believe in fate
So he wants to stay and go late

Sleep and dream for heaven
And don’t look for the evil raven
Did you think that hell is the hottest, no treachery is hotter
But we can extinguish it by forgiveness downpour
Although we see the true way once
But we think it's an evasion that has us gloom for months

Fate doesn’t give us the truth
And the truth doesn’t want to row
To make everyone know his sin and turn true
Or we will bind in this life and cut it by saw
So you can choose between bliss or misery
But you can't choose your persona
And you can't hide from your sin because your fate will come by an angel
That is known as "Death"

Don’t say destiny is brutal with you
Because it's justice and you may be worse too

If you must do thing
But fate will not allow
What do you think?
Do you want to stop or confront fate, but how?
I know a method, you must believe in fate's ring
And mustn’t surmise it can bow

Nobody looks in time
Fate knows the truth
We killed the light at night
We can't change anything
Right or left, up or down
Who knows?
The malign tempest hides concord
You must recollect the cadence of us

It's the light
It's dark
It's the end and the start
It's the balance
Like the stars
It's the lord of their cards

When I will remember virtues fell
The world will silence as well
Life will stop to see an angel
We will hear something like a horn or a bell
Then we will die and rise to see and hear and smell
But we don’t know how to foretell