Love is like a map
He leads you to hang in a trap
He will not carry you in a snap

So don’t wait the boat of the knight
Because you will hear a scream
And when you sleep at ease
You will incur the wheeze

If you have seen a bee
Would you like to join it and labor?
Or stay there just to savor
Then you will have to waiver

What can you do to not quaver?
Do you want to mute?
Or just do favors
The world has a curse
And life puts the truth in its purse
So we must look for nurse

Then your love will be
And you will see the life's clefs
And play a theme
The theme that's known as "she"

But the war is like a car
That comes and takes everything far
And you will not forget love's star
And you will not forgive who has made the war

If you have to use the knife to get your roe
Do you want to make a melee?
Or won't see your infants
Because you didn’t use the claws

Do you want to yell?
Do you want to save her from rue?
Do you want to ring a gong?
Do you want to cast a spell?
Do you want to belong?
But that will not help because your entity is to sell

The anger is like thunder
Hits the lilt which is a floating cinder

We'll hold a cane
The cane of a mariner
The mariner of love
The love in a house
The house of a family
The family that lives in a heart
The heart that is ours

The wrongs of past
That will gyrate
In after time and present
We can fix it with something
It's one of life's rings
Its name is LOVE

When the whole world sags
When we're calumny in bags
When everything falls from your eye when you cry
And reveries last there
But no one ponders
So you have to hold your ire
Alone in the soreness groveling to the lair