When you see yourself with the sceptre
You will make everyone loses glister
But you will burn in trespass
Because you didn’t owe that grass

The world isn’t just merciless
But he wants to claim the mellowness
And everyone looks for the grace
Without reliance because he knows they'll displace

Can you see what will happen next?
Or you will erase something vexed
Will you focus on the gist
Or will you live just in the list?

The world aspires to emboss
And everything is dross
Guess you may be out of their fists
If you were renowned missed

Life will not last forever
And we will not hide, never
Do you think everything is a game?
The truth is my name

If you climb heaven's tree
Do you think you will stay free?
When life can't hold its fan
Everyone will run away & no one will say: I can

When you await your end everyday
Can you walk on death's way?

No, because you are looking for the sun
Awaiting everything that makes you fun

If you were on the top of hill
Can you protect everyone not to spill?
Or you will just let yourself slue
And don't know what will you do

When everyone tries to kill you
Can you smile and just undo
Or you will seek the upper floss
And kill everyone leaving them to doss
But your life has ended
And the world has changed

The night comes with its black coat
To take us to voyage in the boat
And makes us dream
And not hear a scream
The scream of the end of the sea
That makes us be

Life is not entirely grimy pane
If we live it fain
Do not attempt brawl
To be like a statue of coal

When you don't believe in disasters
Don't think you will forerun faster
Because you will pack
Pack your pulses and hide from the attack

When you stand and throw love's beverage
You will not be fooled by the fake sage
And you will go to your village
And stay in life's baggage

Everyone doesn't know the time huffs
And all of the memories will slough
No one will be able to scat
Because he will stay in hell with a demonic pat

Life shall balk its being diverse
And no one knows how death stops birth
And when you can catch what's apart
You will get in the shot dart

Don't look for the pleasures' papers
Because you must live and mustn't caper
Now life is a light's star
And it's always poised without a spar
Surrounded by suddenly arrivals and they're painful
How nothing in this world is full

We don't know if everything is good
Nothing is bad if we don't eat the evil food
We mustn't wait anything, because we don't know what will happen soon
And what will we be without the moon

If the earth returns to itself glean
Everything bad will demean
And the right thing will enter our essence
But I think we'll begin fast to senesce
And everything green will be parched
No one can run away because they're arched

If you read your fate in a book
Where do you want to look?
Do you want to return to the past?
To fix everything bad you did fast

Did you think life is long?
No, because when you end decease starts with a song
You will see yourself in a land
And you will be happy holding anything with your hand
Or you will go to a clutter with your soul
And see the punishment's bull
When you must work hard
When you mustn't use your canard

We mustn't forget our pledge
Because if we do, we'll fall from the edge
When you are alone and glum
Don't turn to eat the treason's plum

When you see yourself as nothing and your life is a jumble
You will stop in your place and then tumble
So did you see what is the breeze of darkness?
Honestly we can't see the dark without luminosity

She is nothing without him
And everything as well