When the light goes out at night
When the night is like a fight
When the fight becomes right
When the right enters your sight
When the sight turns into might
When the might throws a kite
When the kite flies so far in height
When the height can't make a light

When the sun falls down
When the king takes off his crown
When the earth is brown
And holding many things down
When your life makes your face frown
When you want to leave your town

When everything is far from you
When the world is like a menu
When everything is lies and you can only view
When you see your life is new

When your heart freezes in hell
When all you hear is from a bell
When you see everyone’s trying to sell
When you see something bad as well
When you see your life, what do you want to tell?
When you smell death's smell

When you see the truth that is the end of rules
When you lose your heart don't make a truce
When you have to drink death's juice

When you hear and fly like a bat
Can you wear the truth's hat?
When you are lying like a cat,
Don't forget you can only catch the rat

When you can't fight with a lie
When the clouds can't cry
When you can fly high
But you can't reach the sky
When all your wishes are a try
Can you go out before you die?
When you are between ice and cold
Just tell me what you can hold
When you read something old

When you live just for meeting a fair
When you can touch her hair
When you have just to care
And protect her from a bear

When you do anything to be
When you see the hope like a key
When you work hard like a bee
When you are so far from me
When you do anything to see

When your life binds by the dice
When everything freezes like ice
When everything is not nice
When everything scatters like rice
When everyone runs away like mice
When life is cut to a slice
And the sky is as twice

The sun will take back its reign
And the clouds will cry rain
And you will ride life's train