Dear Chief of State
The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces
And a staunch SUPPORTER of the Human Rights and Freedom
I have a tragic revelation to make
Which of course is pointless to submit
I'll unfold before you a crime enterprise
- a tragic adventure -
But fast you'll have to promise:
1. to pretend you never got wind of it all
2. not to take any action against the perpetrator of the injustices nor
3. to seize my freedom to liberty

Dearest Defender of Justice,
At last the killer's name is revealed
I'm sure you too are shocked by his earlier clame that his security had been compromised
But I beg for my freedom...
However, there has never been an assassin
Of such deceitful innocence
Did you notice how fast he was
To publish his heart felt condolences on his Twitter handle
While his shadow had been LOUDLY present at the scene of crime

Chief of State,
Isn't it useless
To waste public resources
On investigative commissions
A big man's hand is always there at the crime scene
And at the end of every investigations,
Their names are always never in the report
They are the master criminals who deal the law a blow
And with every subsequent murder
The big men's names shall never be in the report