You're The Most Important Person In My Life Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


You re gorgeous as the flowers in springtimeA
Mother Nature preserved you for meB
You re the most important person in my lifeC
And you ll be my woman from this day onD
My life was void and dreary without youE
It s no secret how much I ve sufferedF
Sweetie you took delight in showing upG
When I was on the brink of giving upG
Although you seldom utter a wordF
It s still a privilege to have you aroundH
You have a physical attraction for meB
And it gives me a satisfying feelingI
If what I feel for you isn t real loveJ
Why do I have eyes for no one but youE
And when you walk into the officeK
Why does my heart pound this wayL
I asked you to marry me and you said yesM
And I couldn t help falling into a tranceN
The thought of you being my wife elated meB
I was the most excited man in the worldO
Now I rarely tell you how I feel about youE
And I don t say I love you as often as I shouldP
If it s not too late I ll start by sayingI
You re the most important person in my lifeC

Marlon Pitter
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/10/2020

Poet's note: I composed this poem to express my feelings for a very special lady.


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