I was doing just fine alone with my illness
Why did you have to come into my life?
This is happening at the wrong time
I have brain cancer, it’s an incurable disease
Medical science can’t do anything more for me
How could you love me when I’m dying?

My condition is worsening day by day
What will you do when my body starts to deteriorate?
I shan’t look the same way I do now.
Will you be able to cope with the situation?
It will be an unpleasant sight to behold
If I lose my sanity, I couldn’t appreciate your love

You say no matter what happens you won’t leave me
I have no chance of ever recovering
Although you know that there’s no future for us,
You want to stay by my side until I breathe my last breath
I can see what this is doing to you
You cry at my bedside and it tears my heart in two

It will soon be over and your heart will be free
You know that I truly love you, Jade
I’m strong and I’m not scared to die
Your love gives me the courage to face death,
But I just can’t put you through this
Move on with your life before your grief gets greater
Darling, I want you to go away now