Fair woman of my race and daughter of my ancestors,
I’ve disappointed you unintentionally,
And I want you to know I’m truly sorry.
Believe me; I didn’t plan to hurt you.
I don’t know what swept over me that evening.
I said silly things that I didn’t mean,
The thoughtless words of my mouth weren’t from my heart.
And I regret that I was impatient with you.

I told you goodbye without stating my reason.
And I wish I could undo the hurt that you’re feeling now.
I couldn’t bear to see your tears falling,
And I can’t forget the bewildered look on your face.
I felt so ashamed when you said these words sadly:
“I’m trying to help you the best way I know.”
I acknowledge that I’ve treated you unappreciatively,
But I desperately need your love now.

Darling, you’re the closest one to my heart,
And you’re the only Hebrew woman I love.
I fell in love with you the day we met in the temple,
And thereafter I never stopped loving you.
Bear in mind that you and I are distant relatives;
We’re two people of the same heredity,
Direct descendants of our forefather Jacob,
And we’re pilgrims in the western world.

Our kind hearts were made for each other,
But circumstances are keeping us apart.
You said my negative thinking would lead to sorrow,
And it turns out that you were right.
Miriam, please respond to my messages and calls.
I’m trying so hard to communicate with you,
For I sincerely miss your passionate love.
And I assure you that you’ll always be a part of me.