Many people have taken the wrong approach to the issue of the Covid-19 vaccine.
Who should be afraid to socialize with others, vaccinated persons or unvaccinated persons?
The vaccine does not pervent people from contracting the virus and infecting others.

Why should the people who are vaccinated fear those who are not vaccinated?
It only requires common sense to see that it should be the other way around,
Yet so many people are supporting the foolishness that is happening all over the world.

They say that the people who take the vaccine are more likely to recover from the virus.
And the ones who do not take the vaccine are more likely to die from the virus.
So the unvaccinated persons are fearlessly taking the risk with their lives.

Most of the people who hastily get vaccinated in ignorance are afraid of death.
Those who adamantly reject the suspicious vaccine are courageous people.
How many people know what they are allowing evil scientists to put into their bodies?

Examine the way that the governments are pushing their citizens to take the vaccine.
There is a sinister motive behind their apparent concern for the safety of the people.
Politicians do not love others, so they are not doing this just for medical reasons.

The world leaders intend to make the Covid-19 vaccination certificate an international ID card.
Beware of deception; these events appear to be the beginning of a new world order.
Covid-19 did not just start infecting people by chance, someone deliberately started lt.