I composed many poems for my readers all over the world,
But my supportive readers do not have access to all my writings.
Some persons may feel that I do not have more compositions.
And that is why I must share this information with everybody.

I also wrote other poems that some websites refused to publish.
They robbed people of the opportunity to read these poems.
Some people talk about free speech, but they do not know what it means.
Others bow to pressure from the law and suppress my work.

Frankly, I write for the world, not only for members of websites.
The unpublished poems highlight issues that are of the utmost importance.
I think the subjects of my poems may interest most people.
Nobody has the authority to decide what others should not read.

The administrators of websites can publish what they want,
And they can reject what they regard as inappropriate contents.
But we could do without the pretence and the hypocrisy.
Do not say you support free speech when you obviously do not.

Tyrants do not want people to express their opinions freely.
Moreover, liars and deceivers try in vain to suppress the truth.
I have to speak to the people of the present and the future.
And I shall raise public awareness of many issues one way or another.