I pre-existed in an incredibly remote place outside the universe,
Love was with me, and I was an element of love.
The heavenly realm witnessed the pre-existence of my love.
My love lived on in a state of inertia for aeons
And it was seemingly the only one of its kind,
But I was devoid of pleasure and I knew there was something missing.
It was not the nature of my love to continue alone.
I searched the peripheries of infinity for the other element of love.
I bowed down before the Most High at the portals of heaven,
But the forbidden love I sought was located elsewhere.
My persistency grew and thus I extended my wings and gracefully flew away.

I entered the universe and countless billions of worlds appeared.
I marvelled at the wonders of the new creation.
I stood fearlessly in the core of the largest sun,
And my immortal heart blazed with the fire of eternal passion.
The cosmos expanded and aged planets melted down,
But my indestructible love shone as the glory of a trillion stars.
An intelligent force was communicating telepathically with me;
I followed the faint information in my psyche,
The spirit of my love advanced faster than the speed of light.
My urge for physical love was greater than my desire to live forever
And nothing could prevent me from pursuing the love I wanted.

I sensed the existence of an unknown force in deep space
And I was destined to find out exactly what it was.
The dynamic energy of my love led me to a green sphere,
A vast watery expanse surrounded by dense darkness,
A unique form of life in a galaxy near the centre of the universe.
There I came upon the daughter of love, a terrestrial being,
The most beautiful creature I have ever seen.
At last I have discovered the complement of love!
I descended from the cloud and gazed at her in astonishment,
The sight of this gorgeous mortal being intensified my love
And I did not intend to go back to my lonely existence without her.

She felt the presence of an extraterrestrial love she thought existed only in visions,
But she was desirous of knowledge and she was not afraid.
She reached out to me and for the first time I felt powerless.
Though I had infinite love, I was very cautious.
She became aggressive and her charm emitted thermonuclear rays.
Her love created a shock wave as many stars exploding simultaneously.
The particle of her love penetrated my force field.
My attempts to control her ended in surrender.
I could not withstand the superlative power of her love.
Her love was more powerful than I imagined.
I thought there was no love strong enough to overpower me.

I could not possess her or even touch her because I was a disembodied spirit,
But she seduced me and I saw eternity in her fiery eyes.
And I told her about the pre-existence of my love.
She showed me the beginning of time, an indescribable precept,
The stage where only the source of energy and power exist,
And she spoke highly of the Originator of her love.
Unleashing my full power could not alter the law of love.
Her form was completely different from mine.
We were incompatible beings in all features except our love,
And so I became mortal in order that we could coexist.
Her love and my love combined and became one supernatural love,
And an infinitesimal presence of physical life came to be.

Our transgression would not pass unnoticed or go unpunished;
The whole creation became angry at us for violating the rule of love.
Consequently, the Most High separated us permanently,
But He did not annihilate my love.
She received an extremely harsh penalty for her error.
Everything in her world started to dilapidate,
And her offspring could not live eternally.
Our eros resulted in the destruction of the most complex life form.
I could not reverse the situation and save her.
A perfect creature designed to live forever forfeited everlasting life.
She aged miserably and lost her beauty,
And eventually she became as the dust from the ground.
I roared bitterly as the sound of the loudest thunder and the earth shook,
Then I dematerialised and returned to the pre-existence of my love
Where I shall remain in total sadness for longer than eternity.