If someone had foretold that you would hold me so close to your heart,
I would have laughed and said, “That is not going to happen to me.”
Even if my mind had told me that I would win the love of a goddess,
I would have regarded it as a dream that could not possibly come true.
My darling, I could not conceive of a woman with such sweet love,
Neither could I envision the beauty and rare charm that you possess.
If you were not standing right in front of me with that pretty smile,
I would not believe that you really love me with your whole heart.
And if I did not kiss your lips, the mystery of love would still baffle me.

I felt that true love was just a fictional story before I saw it in your eyes.
If you did not convince me of your sincerity and the trueness of your love,
My heart would not be bubbling over with excitement at this time.
I have prayed earnestly for an ideal lover and you appeared out of the blue.
If you had rejected my advances when I greeted you on the road,
I would have walked away feeling very discouraged and downhearted.
I never thought I would feel the bliss of falling in love with someone,
But now I know the secret of the shooting star, the moon, and the rainbow.
My darling, the answer to the mystery of love is right here in my arms.