Cute, little blonde, I am so anxious to see you again.
You could not imagine the feeling you put in me.
Baby, I fell for you the night I looked in your dreamy eyes.
I bashfully expressed the affection I felt for you,
And you listened intently to all the things that I said.
I have not been myself since the first time we spoke.

Cute, little blonde, I care for no girl except you.
Every new day dawns, I wake up with you on my mind.
I shall grant you any possible thing you request.
Half the things I own are yours for the asking.
I am prepared to overcome any obstacle to your love,
And I shall even risk my life to protect your honour.

Cute, little blonde, call me whenever you need me.
You know that I shall always be there for you.
I shall bring you a bouquet of geraniums, orchids, and lilies.
And I shall deliver this billet-doux to you personally.
They say, “Where there is a will, there is a way.”
And if we exert our will, there should be a way for us.

Cute, little blonde, please accept this love from my heart.
Inwardly, I have wished for a girl with blonde hair;
And you are the cutest one I have ever came across.
Your mellifluous voice is as sweet as the tones of the violin.
I cannot tell you orally how much I need your love,
So I wrote these poetic lines to convey my love for you.