God gave me a heart to search for love.
Someone came to me out of the blue.
I saw a Spanish girl walking alone in the rain.
The water was bouncing on her pretty face.
Her natural beauty attracted my eyes.
I offered to share my umbrella with her.
She expressed her gratitude for my kindness.
We hurried across the road together.
I felt the affection coming for her heart.
And I found love for the first time in my life.
But she came into my world to break my heart.

I was so anxious to meet a girl before she came.
And I shed many tears when she left me.
I loved her more than anyone could ever love her,
But I could not force her to stay with me.
Though I tried, I could not convince her.
I lost my sweet girlfriend because of my bĂȘtise.
The grief of losing her is so unbearable.
It was a misfortune to love her and lose her,
But it was definitely worth the failure.
I cannot narrate the sadness that I am feeling.
How I miss the love that broke my heart.

It was a good experience to fall in love with her.
Love was joyous and delightful at the start,
But in the end it brought sorrow and pain.
Now I still think about the day I met her.
I remember the chill and the big drops of rain.
She laughed when I mentioned her funny shoes.
My beloved is no longer a part of my life.
All I have is a cherished photograph of her.
I knew that my happiness would end someday,
But I did not expect to lose her so quickly.
Why did love do such a cruel thing to my heart?