When I’m dreaming and it's not about her,
I'm having the usual nightmares.
I can’t keep my eyes closed,
Neither can I stay asleep all night.
She’s lying beside me in bed,
I’m not dreaming in loneliness.
She presses her lips against mine,
And I feel the kisses of a bonny princess.

She usually appears and ends my nightmare.
When I’m awake, I'm without her love.
And I’m nothing but a pauper.
She tells me that she loves me in a dream,
And I’m the richest merchant alive.
I never want to wake up quickly,
For she’ll disappear when the dream ends,
And my incessant sadness will return.

I open my eyes and she’s still lying beside me.
Wait a minute, this can’t be happening.
I must be still sleeping and dreaming that I’m awake.
I pinch myself and I’m actually awake,
But my imagination is still running wild.
I feel as though I’m trapped in a dream.
The girl I dream about bewitches me,
But I don’t want to stop dreaming about her.

I’ve never dreamed of love and it came true,
But my dream about her feels so real.
I don’t care if people think I'm crazy,
I’ll never exchange her for another girl.
I get satisfaction from fantasizing about her.
Even though she exists only in dreamland,
She’s close enough to reality for me.