You can communicate your feelings to others by asking questions.
There is no law against asking any kind of question.
It does not matter whether people like the questions you ask or not.
Feel free to ask anybody anything you want to know.
The person can either answer the question or ignore it.
Do not let intimidation prevent you from asking questions.

You do not have to state your reasons for asking a question.
A question is not an allegation or a suggestion of guilt.
Nobody can be charged, prosecuted, or sued for asking questions.
Asking a question is not accusing someone of any wrongdoing.
Questions may cast doubts, but they do not instigate physical actions.
In other words, a question does not tell you to do something.

You can use questions to raise awareness of issues.
Some people take offence at questions about their deeds and motives.
These questions make people’s conscience bother them.
Do not be afraid to ask questions that expose liars.
Questions can show up a person for what he or she really is.
So you can tactfully ask a question even if you know the answer.