I’d like to date a girl in my community,
But she doesn’t want to be my girl
The girls in class don’t seem to notice me
I can’t hide my emotional pain
Even though I’m attracted to some girls,
The girls I love don’t love me
No girl wants to know my dreams
I’m a sad and lovelorn teenager

The girls I love never blush when they see me
I try to make friends with the girls I love,
But they don’t care about me
I’m the only boy at school without a girlfriend
And I study alone on campus
The girls I love don’t have eyes for me
I don’t have any luck with cute girls

I love the pretty, teen girls at school,
But they just don’t love me
No girl has ever taken me in her arms
I’m the loneliest boy in Bridge Port
How I want to kiss the lips of a sweet girl
I’m so depressed I could die
When will the girl I love say she loves me?

Every time I ask a girl out on a date,
She refuses to go out with me
How the rejection hurts badly
The girls I love always fall for other boys
And I always end up being the loser
When I express my love for the girl I fancy,
She doesn’t reciprocate my love
Why do the girls I love never fall for me?