The colourful light of sunset drops out of sight.
And the dull shade of night fills the sky.
This is my last walk through the rocky paths.
My eyes will gaze at the fruitful valley below.
I shall sit on top of the white gravestone.
And I shall have silent moments of meditation.

My heart is well at home here on the mountain.
I stare in awe at the magnificent heavens.
And I feel so close to Jehovah, the source of life.
The thin, cool air is flowing through my lungs
While I am humming a sacred melody.
I tell the distant stars in the black space my story.

On the crest of the mount I find contentment.
I stretch out my hands towards the celestial bodies.
And it appears that I am touching the full moon.
I treasure my last few hours alone on the mountain.
My soul delights in the quiet surroundings.
This is where I sincerely want to live and die.

Daybreak will bring sadness to my heart.
My good spirit will end when the sun rises.
Tomorrow I must go back to an inconvenient place.
Noisy, contentious people await me there.
I pray that I may stay here on the mountain.
Oh Lord, let me live among the flora and fauna.

Though my eyes are getting weary,
I must not fall asleep and lose the tranquillity.
The crack of dawn will soon appear.
And my paradise will not exist anymore.
I shall miss the songs of the crickets,
The twinkling bioluminescence of the fireflies,
And the frequent hooting of the owls.

How I treasure my last night on the mountain!
The rural terrain pleases me more than the city.
But I shall never set foot on this land again.
This is my last night free from pain and stress,
My last night of solitude and satisfaction,
And my last night of peaceful rest on the mountain.