Don’t you know you’re my favourite girl?
I think about you every day of my life,
And I like to talk to you on the mobile phone.
My greatest desire is to see you all the time;
I just want to be with my favourite girl.

Could I come over and enjoy your company?
We could play a board game together.
I could give you some help with your homework.
Maybe I could teach you to write a poem;
We could watch TV or read a romantic book.

I’m tempted by your provocative posture.
Your affectionateness cheers up my heart,
I’ve never been gloomy when you’re close to me.
Darling, I should’ve told you this before:
You’re my favourite girl, and I intensely love you.

I’ll bring you a teddy bear with a pink satin bow,
Along with a bouquet of tulips and daffodils,
For I prefer you to any other girl at the university.
Now that you know you’re my favourite girl,
You can request my love anytime you want it.