I shall unsparingly criticise your prestigious “50 Year Celebration.”
Let me ask a few thought-provoking questions:
How did you finance such a costly event?
Did the money come from the pockets of the tax payers?
Has the poor profited from that careless handling of public funds?
You wasted our hard-earned money to accommodate Prince “Charming” Henry,
And it is evident you were not satisfied with that.

You have neglected the mad people and the homeless on the pavement,
But you did not hesitate to squander millions of dollars on a nonessential event.
I am positive you were just trying to build a false image.
You have been sweeping your abominable deeds under the rug for some years,
And predictably, you have flatly denied any involvement in wrongdoing.
In my opinion, if you had even an ounce of shame,
You would not talk about love of country or national pride.

Your destructive hands are stained with the blood of innocent Jamaicans.
You have snuffed out the lives of men, women and children.
Law enforcement is not a good reason to justify your cruel and deliberate action.
The tears of grieving mothers and fathers are on your shoulder.
You practice arrogance, lordliness, discrimination and thievery,
And your tongue is full of insincere talk, lies and deception.

Have we achieved any success or made any outstanding improvements?
What do we have to show for the 50 years of independence?
I do not see any evidence of prosperity up to now;
Look at the high rate of unemployment and the rise in the cost of living.
The nation’s economy is badly wrecked owing to your greed.
Jamaica is no longer a friendly environment for business.
We cannot build on the foundation of merrymaking and excitement,
Neither can we prepare for a bright future by doing foolishness.

You have caused many black persons to suffer physical abuse and injustice;
The poor have been victimized under this country’s oppressive regime.
Recall the Green Bay massacre, the Agana Barrett scandal,
The cold-blooded slaying of Matthew John-Lee on Arcadia Drive,
The Michael Gayle scandal, the Andrew Phang scandal,
The Crawl scandal, the Tivoli Gardens massacre,
And the seven youths who the security forces led by Adams had reportedly
Hemmed in and hurriedly slaughtered in Braeton.
As usual, nobody was convicted for any of these obvious crimes.
Why do we have laws if police and soldiers are judges and executioners?

If you think I have forgotten the other atrocities, you are wrong.
A trigger-happy cop killed a man in Half Way Tree because he had a spliff.
In addition, take this huge embarrassment to the JCF, for example:
Someone had secretly videotaped a policeman, an agent of the state,
Brutalizing and murdering an insane man in front of an instigative crowd.
After that the untruthful police fabricated an account of the incident,
But the truth came out after they had published a mendacious report.

50 years of disadvantaging and ripping off the common people,
50 years of corruption, dishonesty and subjugation,
And 50 years of party politics, scarce benefit and spoil.
Is that what you were so proud of and spent so much money to celebrate?
You do not have the wisdom to manage liberty successfully.
I know you will not like to hear my assertion;
Nevertheless, we need liberation from you despotic politicians.

There is nothing in place to benefit the needy among us,
Yet you hosted a celebration to commemorate 50 years of independence.
You would do anything to conceal your wicked intention.
I am not speaking in favour of colonialism,
But some might agree that it is much better than state terrorism.
Members of parliament, if you had any conscience,
You would quit office and go and feed yourselves to the sharks.