I woke up before dawn in a confused state of mind
And I stayed awake until daylight
It was a Monday morning and I had nothing to do
I couldn't cope with the trials of life anymore
Contentious people kept looking for trouble
I wanted to find happiness and serenity even for a day
So I left home in a hurry for a long walk

It was the first time I forgot to wear a mask
I bought one from a female vendor on the roadside
My shadow was right under my feet
I wasn't sure where I was going,
But I had to go somewhere to meditate
I was walking aimlessly in the hot sun
Lots of vehicles drove past me along the way

I walked a few miles until I ended up at the park
There were many settings from which to choose
I sat on a hard bench near the walkway
A strong cool wind was blowing from the east
The limbs of the trees were shaking
I relaxed in the shade of the Bauhinia x blakeana

A number of people were in the park
Some were sitting by themselves
Others were sitting in twos and in groups
Children were playing everywhere
And there was a peaceful atmosphere
The lawn was covered with beautiful crabgrass
Oil palms were waving in the wind

I felt like writing something while I was there
And I wrote this poem about my experience
I spent exactly four hours in the park
The time slipped away faster than I expected
I didn't intend to leave the location so soon,
But I left when I received a phone call from someone