For Kamela

You originated from a mountainous exurb.
Love is always with you wherever you go.
One day you came and lifted my spirit.
I’ve felt love for you since we met in the city.
Good fortune will follow you all your life.
I see you as love because love came with you.

You were looking for a love that can’t die,
And I was searching for a perfect love.
We coincidentally bumped into each other.
Love has joined two hearts together.
Baby, you’re more than a friend to me.
And I’m grateful for the love that you give.

I asked your mom for your hand in marriage.
Her consent made me a happy man.
Love worked harmoniously with our plans.
Now you’re a special part of my life.
True love can satisfy our greatest desire,
So let it stay with us until we expire.

Thank goodness you’re my spouse!
And I’m not filled with anxiety anymore.
How long will love remain with us?
I’m afraid I can’t predict the future.
But I’ll keep thinking of that fateful day,
The day true love came with you.