I must escape from this blue mood somehow
I’ve searched for love all over the country
Why can’t I find a stable love of my own?
Sadness fills my heart and it makes me cry
If other persons can find the love they want,
There must be a girl somewhere for me
I hope that in time I’ll get the love of my life

Let me relate the sad story of my past liaison
I fell in love with another man’s sweetheart
We dated and made love in secrecy
I recall the night we slipped away to a motel
We tried so hard to be extra careful,
But something made us discontinue the tryst
The relationship ended and I wanted to die

I’d never slept with a woman before her
In other words, she was my first lover
A wrong love affair seemed to be so right
I woke up every morning with a bright face
Now she’s not available when I need her
This lonely feeling keeps me in a blue mood
I can’t cope with the pain and the misery

Some people crave money and jewellery,
But I don’t desire riches and bling
All I need is an affectionate girl to love me,
Preferably a girl who isn’t seeing someone
I’m eager to start another romance
If it’s a sin to want intimacy, I’m guilty
How I wish this blue mood would go away