Darling, at one time you loved me.
So why don’t you love me anymore?
Creation doesn’t change like love.

The sun shines during the daytime,
And the moon glows at night.
Stars twinkle beyond the black void,
Dark clouds drift across the sky,
The rain falls recurrently,
Rivers flow from the hilly terrains,
Snow whitens the ground,
Pretty flowers bloom in spring,
And little songbirds sing sweetly.

The world is turning, but not for me.
Darling, I unfeignedly miss you.
How I wish creation could renew our love.

Waterfalls cascade down the rocks,
And wild animals roam the forests.
The branches of the trees sway in the breeze,
Rippling waves roll to the shore,
Painted cockleshells decorate the sand,
Happy people laugh and chat,
Perky children run about and play,
The light of evening vanishes,
And lovers have blissful moments.

I was intrigued by the wonders of creation,
But now they mean nothing to me.
Darling, my life ended when I lost you.