Your husband left you almost four years ago.
And you’ve been waiting for him all this time.
You thought he was going to come back,
But he deceived you and committed bigamy.

He married a woman who is prettier than you.
You saw her picture on a social media.
He recently called you to find out how you were coping.
And he asked if you were seeing someone.

The following day you received divorce papers from him.
You asked your friends what you should do.
They told you to spite him by not signing the documents.
Is that what you really want to do, sister?

Think about the way the situation makes you feel.
You’ve lost weight and you don’t look good.
The longer you take to sign the divorce papers,
Things will no doubt get worse for you.

Another woman took him away from you.
That makes the emotional pain hurt deeper.
If you had the chance, you’d probably take him back.
You still love him and that’s understandable.

Why are you still hoping for a happy outcome?
You should be practical; this is not a fairy tale.
It’s time to give up, so stop dithering.
Sign the divorce papers and move on with your life.