You want to know if I love you,
And why I'm being so friendly with you.
Well, I don’t know what to say.
The last time I answered that question it went badly for me;
Nevertheless, I’ll say yes for nothing in return.
I’ll leave you here now.
Hurry up, do something to stop me going.
Love me now before it’s too late.

I love you, but I’m so afraid.
And I don’t want to hear the unfavourable words of your mouth.
Don’t tell me that your love is not for me.
I must leave quickly,
But I can’t go until you accept my love.
I’ll wait a few moments more,
Laze because of the love I have for you.
There isn’t enough time,
But love increases my hope.

I’d carry you with me from city to city,
But my dear, love isn’t going well for us.
If you need me now,
Don’t let me leave you here.
Tell your heart to accept my answer,
Don’t let me wait another minute for your kiss.
How can I kiss you from miles away?

Give me a welcoming smile,
Come closer to me, please.
Let me kiss your hand, your cheek and your lips.
I know you want my love,
But you’re too timid to admit it.
You know I’m referring to your indecisive heart.
Don’t throw away this chance for happiness,
Decide while there is still time.
Give me your heart and our love will be true.