A lady was waiting for a route taxi by the roadway.
I stood beside her and she smiled at me.
We were the only ones standing there.
I said hello to the lovely lady and smiled back at her.
She displayed a pleasant personality.
I asked the lady her name and she replied, “Minnie.”
And I said, “That’s a nice name.”
Then, as she was anticipating, I told her my name.

I started a warm conversation with Minnie.
We chitchatted for a few minutes.
I wanted to see Minnie again, so I asked her.
She agreed to meet me at a plaza in Half Way Tree.
I went out with her in May, June, and July.
The hours and the days swiftly flew by.
Minnie and I met often and we had fun.
We were burning with passion for each other.

The selector was playing soul music at the party.
Minnie said, “That’s my favourite song!”
I asked her if she’d like to dance and she said, “Okay.”
We went outside and held each other closely.
I wanted to kiss her and she said, “Go ahead.”
When I told Minnie that I loved her,
She whispered, “love-you/">I love you too” in my ear.
And she said yes when I asked her to marry me.