Inspired by a dream

Four pretty girls live next door.
They are biological sisters.
The youngest one recently came back from abroad.
Her name is Chien.
She’s the prettiest one among them.
And I like her the best.

A young man came to the house with Chien.
Something was obviously wrong.
He left in a hurry with a dark blue holdall.
Chien came outside shortly afterwards.
She was skipping around and laughing.
We were looking amorously at each other.

I asked Chien, “Who is that man?”
She replied, “He’s my husband.”
I said, “I didn’t know that you were married.”
Then I said, “You’re so young.”
I asked her, “How old are you?”
And she replied, “I’m 20 years old.”

I said to Chien, “I saw him leaving.”
And I asked her, “What’s going on?”
She replied, “I’ve just broken up with him.”
I asked her, “Why did you do that?”
She said, “I found out that he has another wife.”
I was wondering if I heard correctly.

Chien had just ended a relationship.
Surprisingly, she was so happy.
I said, “Perhaps it’s not the right time to tell you this.”
And she said, “Tell me what?”
I replied, “Chien, I’m falling for you.”
She said something, but I don’t recall what it was.

I’m so sorry I can’t tell the readers more.
All these things happened in my sleep.
I woke up in the best part of the dream.
This usually happens when you’re dreaming.
I wish I could dream about Chien again.
And I wish we could pick up where we left off.