I impetuously ended the affair with you.
And now I can’t bear this lonely feeling.
My sad heart breaks when I think about it.
Baby, the longer I wait for your response,
The more I miss your impassioned love.

Audrina, you’re in my thoughts constantly.
I love you despite your unforgiving attitude.
And it saddens me that we live apart.
Even though I left you, I didn’t want to go.
How do you stop loving the one you love?

You angrily hang up the phone when I call,
And you don’t reply to my text messages.
It hurts to be away from you for so long.
I don’t want to make love to anyone but you.
Please permit me to come back in her life.

I should lose my optimism and stop hoping,
But something tells me to wait a little longer.
That’s how much I care for you, Audrina.
I can’t find a way to move on with my life.
How do you stop loving the one you love?

There’s a peculiar bond of love between us.
Baby, I miss the wonderful times we had.
The hardest thing is to get you out of my mind.
You’re such a sweet and lovable woman.
I regret what happened the last time I saw you.

Maybe I should stop reliving the past amour,
But I honestly don’t want that to happen.
I can’t do without the memories of you.
And I must lament the bad decision I made.
How do you stop loving the one you love?