You asked me to compose a poem for you.
I dare say you want it to be an erotic poem.
I hope you do not mind my outspokenness.
How can I write the appropriate words?
I know very little about your background.
If I may say this, you are always reserved.
I have spoken to you once or twice before,
So it will require my intuition and creativity.

By the way, who told you that I am a poet?
I did not mention it in our conversation.
I guess it was either Tsuji or Kimberly.
You want to know if I think you are a pretty girl.
Well, this is my honest opinion of you:
You have a very comely appearance.
If the inner beauty exceeds the outer beauty,
You would really be a beautiful person.

Everyone at the university calls you Lilac,
But I never asked you if that is your real name.
Although I am inclined to be nice to you,
I cannot assume that you are a virtuous girl.
If I say I think you have a crush on me,
You might laugh and hesitantly deny it.
And if I write sensual and titillating lyrics,
You might think I have a crush on you.

I have written poems for a young lady before.
She took it literally and fell in love with me.
Sometimes I express my true feelings in poetry.
Please do not misinterpret the things I say.
Lilac, you have the name of a gorgeous flower.
I must add that Lilac is my favourite colour.
The beauty and fragrance of Lilac delights me.
You captured my heart the first time I saw you.