She walks up to me with a rhythmic stride.
Her tenderness hypnotizes me.
She moves in closer to me and then spins away.
I follow her quickly.
She stops and then turns and grabs my hand.
And she presses her body against me.
We twist, turn, and move from side to side.
And we step across the floor.
She pulls herself away and I pull her back.
I bend her backward down to the floor
And then I lift her up.
She looks deep into my eyes with a wild look.
I look at her and then I close my eyes.
She does the same thing again,
And then she gives me a provocative kiss.

How I love to dance with my darling.
We randomly repeat the steps,
And our passion escalates out of control.
The heat of our anxiety fills the room,
And it builds the perfect mood for lovemaking.
We just pretend that slow music is playing,
And it works for us every time.
“Ouch,” she cries out.
“You’ve stepped on my toes again.”
Oh, what am I doing?
I don’t even know how to dance,
But my baby doesn’t mind it.
She holds me tighter and doesn’t want to let go.
I feel the love coming from her heart,
And that’s all I need to dance with my darling.