I’m trying hard to escape this haunting loneliness,
But my heart tells me that it’s an impossible thing to do.
Dejectedness is always with me wherever I go.
I want someone to relieve this pain of deep melancholy,
But only your embrace can take away my blues.
I feel like a worthless man when I’m not in your arms.

I don’t know if I can coax you into coming back to me.
I think about the fantastic times I spent with you.
You said your love would comfort me and indeed it did.
To tell the truth, I began to wonder if it was real love.
I asked myself, “Did I get the love I desperately wanted?”
I’m so ashamed of the harsh way I dealt with you.

I felt a pleasant sensation when we first made love,
But I couldn’t perceive my dreams becoming a reality.
I let my share of happiness slide down the drain.
Sadness has been dwelling in my heart since we parted.
I lost you just when I was depending on your love.
The reminiscence of our love will always be in my mind.

I waited many years for a good woman such as you.
The priceless treasure of love was right in front of me.
And I’m unable to explain why I didn’t realise it.
I never felt such happiness before you came into my life.
Darling, please don’t hold my errors against me.
The approach I took was the result of my ignorance.

Now I know that I lost a true love and I want you back.
Show me the fervency of your love once more.
I promise to love you the way you want to be loved.
Don’t let me remain in depression for the rest of my life.
Come and pull me out of the trench of loneliness.
Mend my crushed heart and comfort me with your love.