I’m deeply in love with a promiscuous girl.
This love isn’t leading me anywhere,
But she’s the best lover I know.
Why am I so blind to the plain reality?
I should know better than to expect happiness.
This won’t work out perfectly for us.
We’re not suitable for each other.
I’m deeply in love with her and I ignore her faults.
She’s not the right person for me,
But I’d rather not lose the girl I love.

Perhaps it’s not as complicated as it sounds.
I’m deeply in love with her and it’s like a fantasy.
Her seduction traps my helpless heart.
I’m lost in an imaginary world.
My mind is tangling in a haze of uncertainty,
But I don’t have an alternative love.
She’s the girl whose kisses I can’t refuse.
Although it makes no sense, I’m still hanging on.
I can’t end the affair, for I’m deeply in love,
I’m so deeply in love with her.