How does it feel to be loved by someone?
Isn't there a single woman for me?
People everywhere have sweethearts.
I see lovers courting in public places.
Some enjoy the view of the landscape,
Others go to the cinema to watch the movies.
Even adolescents kiss in the shadows.
But as for me, I've always felt left out.

There are so many women that I love,
But I don't know why none of them loves me.
I frequently ask myself this question:
Has love forgotten all about me?
I've never felt wanted or missed.
My heart has been broken numerous times.
And I know the trauma of solitude.
Where's the lady who'll be my true love?

The spell of loneliness keeps haunting me.
It's more painful than I can endure.
Meet me, take me, and love me.
Why does no woman ever want me?
If I can't get a love to last for a lifetime,
I'll settle for even one night of love.
And if I'll never find happiness,
I'd rather not go on living this way.

Come to my rescue and be my true love.
Hear my earnest call and bring me your love.
If I'd exposed my tears long ago,
Perhaps some lady would've known my anxiety.
I seem to be contented and bright.
I offer a handshake every now and again,
But I can't fool my own heart.
I'm just an unloved man with no companion.