You should never take real love for granted.
Real love may come to you once in a lifetime.
You met me and you are a lucky woman.
Why is it taking you so long to see it?
There is nothing in the world like real love,
So you should know it when you have it.
I am one of the few men who have a real love.
And if you knew the value of true love,
You would be overjoyed to have me in your life.

Real love is a rear and priceless possession.
It took you a very long time to find it,
So please do not throw it away thoughtlessly.
Darling, only an endless love is a real love.
I have an unceasing love and you can rely on me.
It is impossible for me to stop loving you.
That is why I am sure my love is a real love.
If you refuse the love that I am giving you now,
You will definitely not find a real love again.