I wrote this poem of love for you late last night.
Please listen attentively while I recite from my heart:

The shade of your tempting lips is pink like flamingos.
No eyes are as beautiful as yours in the moonlight.

Your cheeks resemble the blossoms of an apple tree.
And your love blooms like the wild lilies of the fields.

Baby, I sincerely meant it when I told you I love you.
And this feeling inside me gets stronger every day.

We belong together like a gam of whales in the ocean.
I would be a king if you proudly wear my wedding ring.

You will see me in spring, summer, autumn and winter.
I shall stay with you and love you through all the seasons.

Come with me to a dreamland of undying romance,
And together we will experience the wonders of love.

We will hike the green valleys and the misty mountains.
And we will walk along the riverbank and the seashore.

You can love me or hurt me, do anything you want.
I shall never leave you because you are the lady I adore.

In sickness and in health, you will always have me.
Stay close to me and do not let anybody separate us.

I am the happiest man alive when I am with you,
But I feel sad and lonely when you are not at my side.

A few weeks ago, we were two unacquainted persons,
But now we no longer pass each other like strangers.

You have the most amazing love I have ever known.
Now I see all the good things that are in store for me.

I promise to give you my whole heart unconditionally.
And my surpassing love for you will last for eternity.

To be honest, I need your love not just for a few years.
Sweetheart, I want to love you permanently if I may.