A familiar figure is standing alone outside in the dimness.
I would recognize that pretty Hebrew maiden anywhere.
She is right beside the swimming pool staring at the water.
Although it is a pleasant surprise, my heart is pounding fast.
Moreover, I can tell that she is lovelorn and lost in thought.

Her white scarf and the wineglass in her hand evoke memories.
I treated her inconsiderately, and I lost her six years ago.
And now it touches me deeply to see her in such a sad state.
The sight of her has a poignancy that brings tears to my eyes.
I never thought I would be so fortunate to see her face again.

It is mid-April and the full moon is hanging right above her,
This is a reoccurrence of the night we surrendered our hearts.
It was unlike anything we had ever experienced since birth.
The energy of our love filled the atmosphere on that occasion.
I am certain she is the Hebrew maiden who once loved me.

I must go and tell her that I have been thinking about her.
She is still the one I love despite her refusal to pardon me.
If I do not talk to her now, I may lose the opportunity for good.
My sincere words might not thrill her heart as before,
But I might bring back the memories of the love she knew.